New Bosch Mini Reciprocating Blades

Bosch PS60 with new short saw blade

There are quite a few 12V compact reciprocating saws on the market today, such as the Bosch PS60, Dewalt pivot saw, Makita pistol-grip saw, Porter Cable ClampSaw, and Milwaukee M12 Hackzall. These saws work best with 4-inch blades, but these smaller blades can be hard to find.

Bosch recently announced a new line of short 4″ pocket reciprocating saw blades that are designed for maximum performance. Blade categories include:

  • metal-cutting
  • all-purpose for wood with nails
  • all-purpose for wood, plastic, light metal, and sandwiched materials.

The all-purpose blades feature a thinner kerf for faster cutting, and the metal blade features Bosch’s 2×2 tooth geometry for enhanced heavy-use performance.

These blades are said to be available at distributors and home centers.

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