Custom LeatherCraft Tool Backpack

Tool Backpack

Custom LeatherCraft’s 1132 tool backpack features 75 pockets for holding tools, accessories, and fasteners. The bag is divided into 6 padded and zippered compartments to aid your organizational efforts.

I’ve carried heavy backpack loads before, but I’m not so sure I would want to carry a full load of tools on my back.

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What do you guys think, good idea or back-breaker?

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8 Responses to Custom LeatherCraft Tool Backpack

  1. Porphyre says:

    Frankly, if it had a laptop pocket, I would be trying to buy one right now. Something like this would be fantastic for a computer network tech on the go. Appears to have ample room for all the tools needed to test or install cabling. I especially like the section w/ all the velcro closed pockets. I can imagine putting all sorts of different connectors, faceplates, labels, fasteners in there. But no room for a laptop. As it is, I’d use my current laptop backpack and continue to carry a tool bag.

    • Chris says:

      Let me know when you find something. Am in the same situation… networking tools, parts, cables and a laptop. hate carrying two bags at all times

  2. Greenia says:

    I’ve been looking at tool backpacks. As someone who uses public transport to get from gig to gig, I like the inconspicuous nature of back packs. Tool bags draw attention.

  3. Anthony says:

    They needed to incorporate some method of socket storage. Throwing a handful of sockets in those pouches and digging around for them on the side of the road sounds unpleasant. But than again that is probably why there are no ratchets to be found in any of those pictures.

  4. Dan Richards says:

    No frame, no thanks. I’m not one for backpacks, but I know a poor one when I see it.

  5. Anthony V says:

    IM a huge fan of clc bags.i have their electricians tool bag and ill never buy another brand..i couldnt use a back pack for my needs,but i can guarantee you that baby is well made

  6. Patrick Welch says:

    American made hopefully? I need a tool back pack and only want USA made stuff

  7. Max Johnson says:

    I agree – a Laptop sleeve model would be perfect.
    Anthony – get some socket rails to organize your sockets – that should solve your issue.

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