Dremel Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool on Sale

Cordless 8300-01 Dremel Multi-Max 12V Oscillating Tool

Dremel’s Multi-Max oscillating multi-tool lineup has been expanding, and the new MM40 tool is proving to be a very capable and user-friendly machine. Cordless multi-tools are useful, but their battery life can be disappointing. Dremel’s cordless model is not immune to this and is also less powerful than their corded multi-tools. Even so, there are times when a cordless model is much handier than a corded one.

The cordless Dremel multi-tool is currently on sale for just $62 shipped. This may signal that a new model is on its way, or perhaps Dremel just didn’t see enough sales when the tool was priced above $100. The cordless Multi-Max MSRP was $150 when it first came out one and a half years ago.

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If you’re set on a cordless model, Craftsman’s newer G2 multi-tool features a tool-free blade change, although it doesn’t hold much of a runtime or power advantage.

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One Response to Dremel Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool on Sale

  1. Kurtis says:

    I reviewed the this tool for my site and found it vary friendly for a very new DIY type user. But I really didn’t think that it stood up to the use a serious remodel or construction worker would put it through. The Dremel seems geared to the consumer shopping for a tool to do crafts and hobbies.

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