Extra 20%-off Irwin Levels

Irwin Box Level

Over at Amazon, there’s a month-long 20%-off sale on Irwin levels. All varieties of levels, about 50 styles and sizes, are included in the sale. The discount is applied automatically at checkout.

Deal ends April 30th. One warning – levels are flying off the shelves. Backorders are being accepted, but some of the popular sizes and styles now have a 3-4 week lead time.

Amazon Irwin level 20%-off sale details

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3 Responses to Extra 20%-off Irwin Levels

  1. Patrick says:

    Interesting. If you were to buy one level – what size/brand would it be?

    • Stuart says:

      For DIYer/home use? 24-inch, and I’d look at Johnson, Sola, Stanley, or Dewalt.

      If two levels, I’d add in a 9-inch or 12-inch. If three levels, I would then add an inexpensive but reliable 48-inch model, such as an Empire.

      • fred says:

        If you do a lot of door hanging then 78 and 32 inch levels (like the Stabila Jamber Set) might make sense for you. If you’re doing plumbing – then maybe one or more of the Checkpoint magnetic levels (with or without slope pins) might make sense.

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