New Gearwrench Tool Boxes

Gearwrench, well known for making ratcheting wrenches and innovative mechanics hand tools, has come out with some new tool storage products. We’re not sure if these products are exclusive to Sears, nor could we dig up their full specs.

While we were initially surprised to see Gearwrench getting into the tool storage business, it definitely makes sense. The brand has earned a solid reputation among DIYers and pros alike, so why not give fans some Gearwrench-branded storage options.

Gearwrench Metal Tool Box

Gearwrench Metal Tool Box


This is a classic 19-inch tool box with removable tray. Dimensions are 19″L x 6-1/2″D x ??H, and it weighs 10-lbs. MSRP is $40.

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Gearwrench 3-Drawer Tool Box

Gearwrench 3-Drawer Tool Box

Drawers, although shallow and narrow, offer greater organization options than a standard dump-it-all-in single compartment tool box. The box is 20″W x 8-1/2″D x 12″H, and it weighs in at 17.8 lbs. MSRP is $80.

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Gearwrench 21-Drawer 42″ Ball Bearing Combo

Gearwrench Ball Bearing Tool Storage Combo

Gearwrench’s premium ball bearing combo consists of a 10-drawer chest and 11-drawer roller cabinet. The chest has a weight capacity of 600-lbs, and the cabinet 1000-lbs. We couldn’t find any details on drawer or slide strength.

MSRP is $1000 for the chest, and $1300 for the roller cabinet. Curiously, we spotted a very similar Craftsman chest for about half the price, and both Craftsman and International roller cabinets at similar savings. We’re hoping that Gearwrench isn’t trying to sell identical boxes at an at additional 100% markup, but it’s a possibility we cannot ignore.


  1. Clayton says

    I looked through the new catalog this weekend and was really a little disappointed looking at the tool-storage pages. I was disgusted with all of the off-brands and ‘special edition’ type boxes that are really just going to make it all the more confusing to someone looking to buy a cart or cabinet. There were so many options that looked pretty much the same, the only difference being colors and prices (depending on the brand).

    I sadly think that your presumption that Gearwrench is selling identical boxes at near 100% markup is probably true, they are capitalizing on being a recognized name, since I cannot see that the International brand has much recognition.

    Did you see the ‘Swivel Storage Solutions’ cabinets? They had orange drawers that swing out… and are priced crazy-high. I can see how that might be nice, but I have to laugh at the fact that they almost-certainly have less storage space than a traditional cabinet because of having one corner as a large curved radius, and I’m not sure if the gain of swing-out trays is remotely worth it for any but a small niche market.

    • says

      I saw the “Swivel Storage Solutions” cabinets some time ago, and have mixed feelings. While it makes great use of corner space, the rectangular boxes seem to be much less efficient. I understand the concept, but like you I question whether there are any measurable advantages.

  2. Harry says

    The only thing new about Gearwrench Tool storage is that they showed up in the new Sears tool catalog. They’ve had tool storage on display at the last three SEMA shows that I know of and have had smaller boxes included in their VOTECH type sets for awhile too. Don’t get too excited over the high list pricing at Sears. Anything not Craftsman is overpriced, just look at some of Sears’ pricing on Armstrong tools for example.

  3. Patrick Lucado says

    That roller is just a big version of the $299 Stanley top/bottom combo I bought at Costco a few years ago. I think they even had this larger one once. I love my Stanley box, and it’s great for me, but it’s not pro quality and should not command that kind of price.

  4. justin jones says

    I have the new gear wrench XL bottom box and it is fantastic double sides on all the big drawers and the deep drawers saftey locks on every drawer so that they dont open if you have to move it the barrel lock and key works great also the casters are smooth and make the box move easy along any kind of surface so if you are thinking of looking at the new line it is a great product to get

  5. solomon says

    Pricing and looks is not all, it’s the feel and build quality of the box. An example is when you pull out the trays, do they feel smooth and sturdy or wobbly and weak. I’ve looked at lots of tool boxes (mastercraft, craftsman, Stanley, Kobalt, snap on, MAC, etc.), if it has a wobbly feeling, the trays don’t lock, and the dray slides don’t utilize ball bearings, I don’t buy it. The tool boxes may look the same, but the build quality is completely different. What I recommend to anyone who wants to buy a tool box online is 1. find the toolbox online 2. track it down in a local store 3. inspect it well and see what it feels like. Look for ball bearing slides, sturdiness, locking trays, quality of the casters (you may be able to change them if the quality sucks but the tool box quality is good). My saying is: buying a good tool once will save you money in the long run, even though it might hurt a bit at the time.

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