Irwin Circular Saw Blade 3-Pack Recall

Irwin Saw Blade Multi-Pack Recall

Irwin is recalling over 55,000 circular saw multi-blade packs that were sold at Lowes during Oct-Nov 2011. These 3-blade packs, model ICSLD3PK, are being recalled due to poorly designed packaging. There have been 3 reports of blades falling out of the bottom of the plastic packaging.

If you bought one of these Irwin saw blade multi-packs, you are advised to not disturb any blades remaining in the packaging. Contact Irwin at 800-464-7946 between 8am and 5pm ET to request a free saw blade storage container.


More Info via CPSC


  1. lametec says

    Ummmmm.. okay?

    I’d love to see the reports on the 3 incidents. What, did some kid get decapitated by the falling blade or something? A recall for stuff falling out of the packaging.

    I’ve had stuff fall out of the bottom of WalMart plastic bags as well, better get on the recall wagon!

  2. says

    There were no injuries suffered in the 3 incidents reported.

    The recall is voluntary, and it does make sense. What will cost more – sending out free blade storage containers to customers who take the time to contact Irwin, or settling a lawsuit resulting from a blade dropping out of its packaging and into a customer’s foot? This is of course assuming the recall can protect them from a potential suit. The recall could also be a way to force distributors to halt sales of the product.

    CPSC notices are always issued for recalls. I keep an eye on their feed since power tools are recalled every so often.

  3. robert says

    Thanks for the Irwin heads up. They will be sending a cases/covers after May 1st. Irwin rep said to look at the package and see if there is a bolt through the middle of each blade. If not, then you may experience a blade (or 3) falling out the package when vertical. Of course, the natural thing would be to try and catch something that is falling and that just may hurt a bit!

    If you have no bolt, give them a call.

  4. Anthony V says

    isnt every tool junkie gonna call for a FREE !!! holder? i know i am.i have these blades but i threw the package out already…

  5. John Sullivan says

    I bought two packs on Black Friday weekend (still have both) and one of them did indeed have a blade starting to drop out the bottom before it even came home. Didn’t realize that I could/should have called the CPSC, but I’m still glad that I didn’t let my kid unpack the car.

  6. says

    Irwin recalled 55,000 circular blades because there were 3 incidents of them falling out of the package?

    This is what you get when you try to go green. A cheaper product for your money, granted it’s only packaging. Hope the blades aren’t the same quality as the packaging.

  7. Robert says

    I’m sure the blades are fine. Irwin is probably shaking their heads more than anyone. It’s the unfortunate result of the liberal age in which we’re living. I can see the contractors laughing at the notion that they shouldn’t open the package so they don’t injure themselves!

    Companies have to resort to this stuff because of frivolous lawsuits and assorted liabilities that waste so much time in our “legal system.” The moment they take no action, somebody will file a suit that they’ll win in all likelihood. It’s ridiculous, but this is the liberal mess our once great country has now become.


  8. Jake says

    Isn’t Irwin aware that people are going to call that number anyway just to receive a free blade storage system.

    Anyway, what happened Irwin? You used to create such quality products and products that were worthy of buying. Wasn’t like this years ago though.

    Although because of the way society is today, someone would have sued Irwin and ultimately would have won a very nice settlement or beat them outright. Everyone here knows that the only reason Irwin is doing is recall is because they don’t want a class action lawsuit, even if it’s a voluntary recall. It’s not because they truly care though.

    As if they really did care, this would have never, ever happened in the first place.

  9. Robert says


    You don’t honestly believe that Irwin created the packaging. They make tools. They don’t waste their time stamping cardboard. It’s one of those unfortunate things they have to deal with because their name is on it. If it costs them a bunch of money, they’ll just go after the company that made the packaging.

    There are companies that just make cans. If a can is defective, it doesn’t mean that the soup company stinks. It’s just one of those things.


  10. John Sullivan says


    I’ll bet that Irwin didn’t make the blades either. They almost certainly sent an RFP or bid request to the 8 or 9 companies in China/Taiwan that are equipped to churn out blades to Irwin’s spec. At the $20-ish wholesale price for a 3-pack of blades, there is no way that 100 little carbide teeth were welded onto these blades at a USA factory.

    [UPDATE: I just looked at my packaging… “Made in China to Irwin specifications” on the back side, bottom right corner.]

  11. Robert says

    That’s true John, and a topic for an entirely different discussion. That isn’t up for much debate either. I just find it humerous that someone is blasting the company by sheer virtue of the packaging that has nothing to do with it.



  12. Ryan says

    So give or take I ordered this holder on April 20th 2012 and as of 6/2/2012 have yet to receive this. I am beginning to think that this will never arrive at my place of residence at this point.

    How long did others take to arrive? Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful that Irwin is providing some compensation, but 43 days have passed since I called and I am just wondering if this was all just a gimmick. For all I know, the people I were talking to weren’t actually Irwin employees and this could have been a scam.

  13. John Sullivan says

    In case anybody is still monitoring this thread, Irwin has started shipping out the replacement cases. They look a lot like a zippered CD wallet with a threaded nut for the blade center and are the same sort of Irwin-blue canvas that you’d expect to see in a Black Friday promotional tool bundle.

  14. Ryan says

    I finally received this case on 6/22/2012 and I must admit this is a nice large zippered giant CD wallet. I am surprised I even received this item, I thought the whole free case was a hoax and Irwin was just talking a good game without backing it up.

    While I am greatful that this item came and was free, the method of shipping they used must have been the slowest I have ever seen. But then again this is Irwin we are talking about, so go figure.

    I’ll say this much though, Irwin has sure lost my business though, but not just from this incident alone though.

  15. american lockpicker says

    The Irwin made in New Zealand blades at a local hardware store don’t even come packaged, are they eligable for a free case too?

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