New Klein 6-in-1 Stubby Screwdriver

Klein 6-in-1 Stubby Screwdriver

Klein recently announced a new stubby multi-bit screwdriver (model 32562) that features #1 and #2 square recess, 3/16″ slotted, and #2 Phillips bits, as well as 1/4″ and 5/16″ nut drivers. The new driver has a 1-1/4″ shaft and stubby handle to facilitate access in tight work areas.

Klein says that the screwdriver is made from the highest quality tempered steel with a torque-proof anchor in the handle.


I have a number of Klein multi-bit drivers scattered around, and have given quite a few drivers as gifts. For the most part they’re well made, although some of the bits, most notably #2 Phillips, have worn or deformed a little too easily at times. Hopefully the bits on newer batches of drivers are hardened a bit better.

If you don’t give a hoot about square recess bits but still need a compact driver, stubby driver model 32561 is readily available for about $12-14. In this model, the square bits are swapped for 1/4″ slotted and #1 Phillips bits.

Buy Now(New 32562 via Amazon)
Buy Now(32561 via Amazon


    • Ralph says

      Nope. I saw this and some other Klein multibit screwdrivers at Home Depot, marked ‘Made in Taiwan.’ Kind of disgraceful, but other flagwaving companies like Channellock are doing the same thing.

    • Robert Wdowiak says

      If it’s made to a certain standard I don’t care where it is made ( from a quality criteria ). If one was to generalize, tools made in Sweden, Japan, Germany, England, and U.S.A. do seem to adhere to satisfactory standards more often than not, but it has more to do with the manufacturer. Tawian (ROC) would be in the next tier, and one would have to research quality diligently, but I have some very good tools made there. No blame can be assigned to any individual, company, and government for job migration. It is our system of capitalism that dictates this.

  1. Mike A. says

    I have given up on trying to get “Made in USA” tools, as long as it has a lifetime warranty and I can walk in to a store and get an instant replacement I am fine with it. As far this 6 in 1 stubby goes, I like it and generally find the 6 in 1 screwdrivers my go to tool. Now I just wish they made one with a longer shaft, sometimes I need the extra reach (no “that’s what she said” jokes please!). I think they are all made so that the screwdriver length is 50% handle, 50% shaft. I know they’re made that way so you can flip the end. I know there are drivers with interchangeable tips but they usually come with 50 bits that I have no use for when all I want is just a flat and phillips bit. If anyone has any tips ideas on where to find a driver with a longer shaft post the link, thanks.

  2. Zen says

    I thought all Klein Tool screwdrivers were made in USA, but wow this is really saddening to see actually. As I think only two products (at least they used to be) I think was the Klein Tools 11045 Wire stripper/cutter and Folding torx wrench set.

    I have links so here they are.

    As for the Torx key set

    However, there is two more item that is still 100% made here and that is the Klein Tools Key Chain and bottle opener. Here are the links.

    As for the Bottle opener, here is that link.

    Klein tools does have a Klein 5139B 12-1/2-Inch Cordura Ballistic Nylon Zipper Bag and while this product is made in USA, there is a catch. Not all of this product is.

    Here is a link and link has several excellent images to go along with that.

    I don’t think there any more Klein Tools other than the ones I listed that are still made in USA other than the ones I listed. Well at least not anymore.

    I am not sure if Klein Tools ever Made Multimeters in USA, but they don’t anymore. I actually was lucky enough to buy a vintage Klein Tools mug made in USA in 1980 off Ebay and that seems to be the only place to be able to buy vintage Klein Tools that were actually made in USA.

    Very sad though Klein, as years and years ago, you used to only produce items made in USA. I imagine it’s only a matter of time before Channellock does the same and virtually all their products will be made in China and no longer USA either.

  3. says

    I’ve chatted with Channellock reps before, and they have no intention of moving their pliers production overseas. Some items are imported from Asia, mainly their more consumer-oriented products (found at wholesale clubs, etc), as well as their screwdrivers, nutdrivers, and levels.

    From what I understand, the estimated costs to start their own screwdriver and nutdriver production was so high that they had no choice but to go with foreign factories.

    Channellock’s adjutable wrenches are imported from Irega in Spain, and are phenomenal.

    Back to Klein… there was indication that they were moving their multi-bit driver production overseas as more recent packaging dropped the flag and had no easily spotted “Made in USA” notice on the packaging or tools. Since then I’ve heard a few complaints that the new drivers are imported, but I have not confirmed this on my own yet. It’s a shame, and maybe that happens when a company agrees to an exclusive retail arrangement.

  4. Steve R. says

    For what it’s worth, Snap-on makes two 3/8″ drive screwdriver bit sockets for use with a ratchet and/or an extension. The FBS8 will take 1/4″ hex screwdriver bits, while the FBS9 will handle 5/16″ hex screwdriver bits. For those of us who want USA-made products, Snap-on asks $15.00 for the former, and $16.35 for the latter (currently). They are nice to have at times, as the extra driving force of a ratchet can help drive screws home with more authority. If you need the extra length to get in a tight spot, you are limited only by the length of your 3/8″ drive extension (remember, you can push several of them together to make a longer one). The sockets themselves are small, and use a simple spring steel retaining ring to hold the bit in place. I suspect other major toolmakers (KD, Craftsman, S-K, etc.) make similar sockets and charge less for them, so look around on the internet and in stores. If you can’t find them, go to; they don’t charge shipping (but do collect your local taxes).

  5. Zen says

    Stuart: Home Depot agreed to a exclusive Retailer Agreement? I’ve seen that happen before (with Rigid and even Miwaukee) and to be honest, the results have been really, really disappointing.

    I just hope this doesn’t mean the end all American made items with Klein Tools, but if I were anyone who needed a quality made wire cutter though, I’d buy one there while it’s still made in USA and still made by Klein Tools.

  6. fred says

    I recently bought a Klein 67100 Rapi-Drive screwdriver at HD that was made in the USA – but maybe it was old stock.
    We also bought a few Klein Tanto Blade folding knives that were made in Japan

  7. says

    I highly doubt that Klein and their suppliers closed up all their USA factories. The last I saw, quite a few of their products were still made in the USA. Hopefully that hasn’t yet changed and won’t change soon.

    Many of Klein’s tools don’t match up to competitors’ offerings, but many are still top picks. As Zen said, their cutters are still decent, and their strippers are quite good as well. Their budget strippers are very usable, and their Klein Kurve strippers (made by Stride and formerly available via the Craftsman Professional label) are among the best I’ve ever seen.

    If their multi-bit drivers being imported is an issue, there are still plenty of other high quality models by other brands that are still made in the USA and Canada.

  8. Noah says

    Pretty much every major tool manufacturer makes *something* outside of the US. Look at all the crap Snap On let their name be printed on.

    Klein still makes a majority of their pliers and hand tools in the US and they introduce new US made tools from time to time. I’ll still buy Klein because they aren’t nearly as flag waving as Channellock.

    And for what it’s worth, just about any wire stripper type tool made in the US is made by Stride. Just get them next to each other and its easy to spot. Except for Ideal, who seems to make their own.

  9. Robert says

    Whether domestic or not, Klein is riding the wave of an old reputation. If you compare their multi bit drivers to something like a Lenox or Irwin 9 in 1, to say nothing of any of the current German offerings, there is no denying that the Klein is vastly inferior.

    A better alternative to this in my opinion, would be a stubby Picquic. It works with any standard quarter inch hex bits, and is much better quality. You can customize them with any bits you choose.

    I’ve been through enough Klein drivers with bits literally falling out of the shaft. They’ve forgotten about quality standards, are way overrated, and are overpriced in my opinion.


  10. Dennis says

    Now I know why Home Depot was pushing these out at $8.88. Now that the new model features square drive bits.

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