Moody Precision Screwdrivers (USA-Made)

Moody Precision Screwdriver Set

The other day someone challenged me to find precision screwdrivers that don’t suck and are made in the USA. Oh, that’s easy – Moody screwdrivers easily fit both criteria.

Set 58-0390 comes with 8 screwdrivers and is well configured for general-purpose use. If you don’t know which tip sizes you need, this is a good place to start. Moody’s catalog features many additional sizes and tip styles.


This set includes: slotted .080″, .100″, .125″, .141″, .156″; Phillips #00, #0, #1; and a vinyl storage pouch.

ESD-safe handles ensure that you won’t fry sensitive electronic components while working on computer parts or devices. The handles are also grooved for improved finger-tip gripping.

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Moody is not exactly a household name, but their tools are well-known among industrial users and some DIYers. We have had good experiences with Moody tools, except for a diamond scribe that broke after a couple of months of light use. Moody does have a “no-hassle lifetime replacement warranty,” but that doesn’t help if we cannot find the broken tool.


  1. fred says

    I can not say for certain but the last time I looked , Starrett was still making high quality jeweler’s and precision screwdrivers in the US

    • Blair says


      It would not surprise me at all if Starrett was making these, when I was a teen I lived across the street from the regional salesman, and they had an amazing array of precision tools in their inventory.

      I have always had a special fondness for their tools , especially since he was the first to take us deer hunting as kids, (a bit off topic I know), but still tool related. :)

  2. Senorpablo says

    I purchased a set of the traditional, all metal, Moodys precision screwdrivers and was thoroughly underwhelmed. They were hardy better than the import knock offs, yet cost 20 times more.

  3. Peter says

    While it’s great that Moody produces most of their tools in USA, they do tend to be pricy and as Stuart said Moody is hard to contact and some of their products are very hard to as well.

    Also some of their tools have a vintage look to them from the 70’s and while that isn’t bad but for the price for some of these tools, you’d think Moody would spend more time on the appearance of the more expensive tools.

  4. Billy says

    I’m a controls technician and I love Moody tools. I always have this set (picture above) and Wiha technicians drivers with me. The tips are very strong (resists over torquing) and are cut very precise.

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