Mora Knives – Super Cheap, Super Handy

Mora Companion Knife

Mora knives are made in Sweden, and although extremely inexpensive, they are reasonably well made. These knives feature few embellishments and won’t win any beauty or innovation contests. But they’re strong, durable, they hold an edge, and are easily sharpened and honed.

Fixed-blade knives are no substitutes for replaceable-blade utility knives, but they have their uses and do come in handy. Mora knives can also be used for outdoors or survival cutting and slicing tasks, but they won’t hold up to batoning.


We picked up a couple of Mora knives to try out, and thus far our favorite is the Mora Companion knife. The Companion knife offers a very nice balance between versatility, handle comfort, and price.

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Other Mora Knife Styles (via Amazon)

Any other Mora knife fans out there? If so, which one(s) would you recommend?


  1. ted says

    i recently discovered mora knives. wanna throw out too, though, what i thought was another similar albeit USA option. i found R. Murphy out of Ayer Mass. simple, well made and with good steel. i got a sloyd knife i like very much.

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