New Ridgid JobMax Pneumatic Starter Kit

Ridgid Pneumatic JobMax Multi-Tool

Ridgid is coming out with a new air-powered motor handle for their JobMax modular tool system. The pneumatic JobMax starter set will come with a multi-tool head and several cutting blade and sander attachments.

In the Fall of 2010, Ridgid launched their JobMax modular tool platform, which featured a cordless base handle and 5 interchangeable tool heads. In late 2011, they introduced a more powerful corded JobMax base handle, the Ryobi JobPlus 18V handle, and a jig saw attachment.


The introduction of a pneumatic JobMax tool head seems totally out of the blue, but it makes perfect sense once we thought about it for a bit.

We imagine that contractors will be very happy to see a pneumatic oscillating multi-tool option, but let’s not forget that the same handle can also be used with Ridgid’s other JobMax tool heads as well. We’re slightly concerned that some of the larger JobMax tool heads may be awkward to use with the pneumatic handle, seeing how svelte it is, but Ridgid engineers probably took this into consideration when designing the new handle.

It appears that the air-powered handle motor is slightly slower than the corded version since it delivers 0-18000 oscillations per minute with the multi-tool vs. 20000 OPM. The pneumatic handle is also noticeably lighter at 1.5 lbs, vs. 2.4 lbs for the corded handle.

The multi-tool comes with a universal blade/attachment adapter that fits Bosch and Dremel accessories.

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MSRP is $119.

Update: According to ToolRank, the air-powered handle requires 18.2 CFM at 90 PSI. We agree with their assessment that contractors might not be able to use the pneumatic base handle with portable compressors, at least not at full load.


  1. fred says

    So it looks like this is a shop tool only – an odd sales item for Home Depot.

    We use lots of pneumatics in the shop – and air powered sanders and die grinders are the way to go – but it’s hard to know why I’d want to use this versus a corded Fein Supercut

  2. Neil Steels says

    18.2 scfm @ 90 psi is absurd. Air hogs like hvlp sprayers only consume 6-7 scfm. In order to operate this tool in the field you would need a bunch of compressors. Even the Ridgid high end gas powered compressor only makes 10 scfm. The spec must be a misprint, or the Ridgid engineers are sleeping. Wonder what the blade life is when you apply all of this force to the tool?

    • Sandy Reinauer says

      For intermittent use the range is from 4-18 SCFM (depends on task)

      Continuous operation calls for 18+ SCFM @ 90 PSI

      Larger tanks improve run time

      BTW 90 is MAX PSI per owners manual

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