Pruning Trees? There’s a Saw Blade for That

Milwaukee Sawzall Pruning Blade

There are many tools you can use to prune a tree. A reciprocating saw makes quick work of medium-sized branches, say 5/8″ – 3″ in diameter.

If you only cut a couple of branches a year, then you can probably use whatever wood-cutting saw blades you have at your disposal. But if you’re tasked with cutting many or thicker branches, you’re going to want to consider picking up an appropriate saw blade.


I came across these Milwaukee Sawzall pruning blades on Amazon, and they seem to be recommended by most users. A faster, easier, more efficient way to cut green branches with a recip saw? Sign me up!

These 5 TPI pruning blades are available in 9″ and 12″ lengths. The link below leads to a 5-blade pack, but I’ll be on a mission to find single-blades locally.

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  1. says

    Thanks for the heads-up! I’ll add the Skil to my shopping list. Will probably pick up the first I find in-stores. Unless of course the single-blade prices are too high. At $7 per blade, it’s better to buy a 5-pack for $15.

  2. Clayton says

    I think I’ve seen the Skil blades in Lowes, as a 1-pack, but sadly I’m pretty sure it is priced near what the 5-pack of Milwaukee’s here is.

  3. rob says

    I have used the Skil blade with pretty good success. It beats taking out the chainsaw when you need to trim a few branches.

  4. Jon says

    The HD near me sells single 9″ Milwaukee blades for ~$5. I’ve used mine for a couple years in spring and fall without any noticeable change in the blade performance.

    • Chip says


      I can attest to this blade aswell.
      Flat out rocks… especially for the price. Used it in my porter cable recip with a 18v large lithium pack and it was my go to choice for cutting anything upto 5″-6″ in diameter limbs. Was the perfect setup for tidying-up/making quick work of lower hanging limbs on trees. Not only efficient and long lasting, but fun too.

      …Whichever pruning blade you go with, it makes a nice addition to the recip saw’s capabilities.

  5. says

    The Lowe’s near me carries a 3-pack of 9-inch blades by porter cable for just under $11. In fact, I just picked some up recently to prune some branches on a guava tree that’s too close to the house.

    I found the link, too.

  6. says

    Thanks for all the links to different brand and quantity options! (Some of the links were so long they were breaking out of the comment space, so I truncated the links or shorted their titles.)

  7. Fred says

    I have used a few similar blades like this also. Some of the ‘demolition’ style or ‘nail embedded’ wood blades work well for pruning bushes, haven’t tried them on tree limbs or trunks. I also use a ‘rough/fast’ wood jigsaw blade for some more ‘exact’ pruning like corners or in certain spots in the garden.

    • says

      One thing you will notice on the “pruning” blades versus the demo blades is the depth of the gullets on the blade. Because the tree you’re pruning is presumably alive and green, that gullet depth is definitely going to help out tremendously in material removal and overall speed of cut. This is probably especially true for some of those 1″ to 2″ limbs and branches.

  8. Patrick Lucado says

    Very timely tool! I recently found these myself and they work great. Given the length of the saw and the blade you can usually trim pretty high up even without a ladder. I’d actually have no qualms taking down a small tree totally with this blade and a couple batteries. They do work much better than a rough cut carpentry blade.

  9. says

    Irwin has one too, I think it’s $6 per 2-pack. Sears carried it in the fall, but I didn’t get it there. No real cost difference, but it’s what I have in my Makita recip saw right now.

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