Stanley Security Tool Box with RFID Lock

UPDATE: Unfortunately, this product is a concept prototype that is NOT currently in production. However, Stanley developed a very similar portable truck box with a 4-digit electronic lock instead of RFID, model 036800R.

Stanley FatMax Xtreme Security Tool Box RFID Lock

There’s a new Stanley FatMax Xtreme tool box in town, and it means business! At the top of the box is an RFID (radio-frequency identification) sensor that is matched to a specific key. Bring the key into contact with the sensor, and you can lock or unlock the tool box.


Quick and effortless tool box locks? It’s about time!

Stanley FatMax Xtreme Security Tool Box RFID Bracelet Key

You can wear the key around your wrist, but there should be any number of other carry options. A traditional key is also included, possibly as a backup in case you lose the RFID key or if the sensor battery is fully drained.

Stanley FatMax Xtreme Security Tool Box Organization

The tool box itself looks nice and spacious and includes side-wall hand tool slots and a small removable tray. There is also a slide-out handle and two heavy duty wheels. A docking mount can be installed in the bed of any pickup truck.

Stanley FatMax Xtreme Security Tool Box Thief

And what happens if an unauthorized user tries to pry into your tool box? An alarm will go off, scaring them away.

We all know that if someone wants to get into your tool box, they’ll get into your tool box. Or they’ll just roll it away. Even so, a nuisance alarm is a nice touch.

The tech behind RFID locks is fairly inexpensive these days. Quite frankly, we expect to see something like this a while ago.


  1. ColinV says

    They should add a tilt sensor to the alarm that goes off if the box is picked up, or rolled away. Locks and such keep honest people honest. It would keep people from borrowing tools without permission and neglecting to return them…

    • says

      It seems like it might have a shock sensor.

      If it had a tilt sensor, then users would have to unlock it before moving it around.

      Agreed, this box’s features won’t stop someone from walking away with it. But it will prevent permanent tool borrowers from accessing tools that aren’t theirs to use.

  2. John says

    This looks to be revised version of the previous electronic lock Stanley box. It had a keypad instead of RFID. The truck bed mount was locked by the keyed locked. If I remember correctly the original retail at lowes was $200. I picked one up on clearance for$50 and mounted it in Thebes of the work golf cart. It’s been out in the weather for over a year and had yet to leak a drop.

  3. says

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